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Plan conception -
During plan conception, Marty works with a client to determine the Menu of the new home - Overall feel and design desire, needs and parameters, budget, style and aesthetics, desired products and features, goals, lifestyle, taste, future needs ... All of these are used to determine what route is best for the project. From there, Marty and the client either select a plan from our gallery of existing house plans by selecting a plan that works well for them, or they work together to create a custom designed home based on the prepared Menu.

Select a plan from our library of house plans -
If a plan exists that provides most everything that a client is looking for, then Marty and the client explore the library to review those plans, and they locate a functional plan to use.  Sometimes a plan is just close enough to either go with as is, or we design modifications and/or additions to the plan.  Purchasing an existing plan is the least expensive route, with having the plan modified being the next level of expense.  Plan pricing is found by request via email for code labels "A," "B," "C," or "D."

Custom plan design -
If a plan does not exist that meets a client's Menu requirements, then custom design is the route to take.  The Menu and budget are used to produce the design, along with parameters like, desired furniture placement, art placement, site lighting and view requirement focal points, specific Kitchen and bath design requirements, aesthetic details of the home, lifestyle, religious aspects such as Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, and other specific uses of the home, etc. 

The drawing process begins with the main floor plan.  Once the main floor plan is "fleshed out," Marty moves to either the second floor plan or the exterior elevations of the home.  The purpose of proceeding in this manner is to allow the client to see the parts of the house that they understand (specific design elements), and to not confuse the client with detailed working drawings that don't really make a lot of sense to most customers, anyway.  Once the floor plans and elevations, and often the electrical plans, are approved by the client, Marty then completes the final working drawing set that will be used to construct the home. 

The plans created in a typical builder's set of drawings include working drawings of: Foundation, Floor Plans, Elevations, Roof Plan, Wall Section(s) as needed, Electrical Plans, Site Plan as needed, Details as needed.

Selecting a builder for your new home -
There are two ways to choose a builder with Marty White Design Group, once your house plans are completed or purchased.

1.You may choose to hire a builder of your own choice.  Using this option, Marty can be available to discuss the
plans with your builder, and answer any quesitons that you or the builder may have regarding the plans or the
intended design.

2.You may choose to hire a homebuilder and hire us to work alongside that builder.  Using this option, Marty
will work closely with your builder, overseeing your home construction, making sure that the home is built as he
had planned it to be.  Many builders have stated that this promotes a very good process, and eliminates a lot of
problems and mistakes.

2.You may choose to hire us as your home builder.  As a custom home builder, Marty has the ability and
resources needed to provide the services that are required to bring your plan to reality, using top quality
subcontractors and suppliers in the Columbia area.
The first thing that most people do when starting the homebuilding
journey is to go talk with a builder, or find a designer or architect.  Understanding
that many people do not know the differences between these professions is
the first step for every designer.

Therefore, the following is where we should begin, a quick crash course in each
of these professions, as a person starting this journey should be concerned.

The Designer - A designer is an individual who can legally design a residence of any size, under 4- stories in height, and who can design certain commercial buildings and projects.  The designer is not required to hold a license to design.

The Architect -   An architect is an individual who is licensed to design commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings, etc.  The architect is required to be licensed by the state in which they practice, and they are required to perform continuing education courses that receive credits required by the state.  You may verify architect licensure for South Carolina at: 

The Builder - The builder is an individual who performs or contracts residential home building.  The builder is required to be licensed by the state in which they practice.  You may verify whether or not a builder has a license, has good standing with the state, and if there are any issues with that builder's license by visiting the LLR in your state.  For South Carolina license verification, visit the SCLLR at:

Marty White is a designer of homes, licensed builder, interior desiger and home coordinator.  He produces custom home design and construction blueprints for use in homebuilding, and assists clients with making selections as to interior finishes, features, products, surfaces, carpentry details, cabinet/Kitchen/Bath design, appliances, colors, fabrics and decorating. 

Marty often provides design services for architects who contract him to design for them, as some architects do not frequently perform residential design, but rather perform design that pertains to more commercial applications.

"Home design is an art, not an application.  It has to be natural."  Marty White
Interior design services -
Typically we offer interior design services only to clients whom Marty has designed a house plan for or to those whom we are working alongside the homebuilder of the client's new home. We also work with those who have purchased a set of plans from our plan gallery.

Ocassionally we will accept a request for interior design services for a client who has an existing home or for someone who is building a home design that is not ours.  We engage in these type of projects on a customized basis, depending on the project and the client's needs and requirements. Ask us about how this works via email, and Marty will gladly discuss your needs and project parameters, and will discuss setting up a site visit with you for review.

Every interior design project is different and requires a personal connection between the designer and the client, in order to make not only a good finished product, but also to make a well planned and tastefully understood home.  This is about you and your home, so it has to be personal to make your home speak about, you.

If you are interested in having Marty work with you as an interior designer then please email or call for a consultation and we will set up a time to talk about your specific needs.

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